Mogo’s Favorite Halloween TV Episodes

Happy Halloween all! It’s time for my Annual Halloween review!

So last year, I talked about one of my favorite movies to watch on Halloween, From Dusk Till Dawn. So now I’ll move from film to television.

TV shows usually end up doing episodes based got specific events or holidays. And since it’s October 31st, I think you know where I’m going with this. That’s rights, my Top 10 Arbor Day Episodes!



Okay okay, I’ll talk about Halloween.

So I’m not going to rank them or anything, I’m just gonna list off some of my favorites in no order. So let’s begin.



What do I have to say? It’s Community with zombies all to the music of Abba! It’s great! Go watch it now!



Leave it to Gravity Falls, a show that takes place over one summer, to find a way to do a Halloween episode. In the episode, Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Grenda, and Candy are forced to prove they have the Summerween spirit by having to get 500 pieces of candy by Summerween Trickster. Meanwhile, Grunkle tries to prove he’s still scary trying to scare two typical kids of this generation who are not impressed by A MAN’S FACE MELTING IN FRONT OF THEM!

This episode gets into the whole Halloween experience. Dipper wants to go to a party with Wendy instead of trick or treating, and who hasn’t had that moment where they felt they were too old for Halloween?



It took 7 seasons for the show to do a proper Halloween episode, and it was so worth it. I t turns out there was a gruesome murder in the family’s house years ago. Hal is now freaking out about it. So Malcolm, who is sick, tries to get him to stop freaking out about it. Meanwhile, Resse and Dewey take Jamie trick or treating, and up being chased by an old man they egged. Also, the end up losing Jamie and grab the wrong kid almost immediately. And Lois ends up stuck at work while all her coworkers party and get drunk.

This was a fun episode, but the best part, by far, is Bryan Cranston. You can tell he is having so much fun freaking out about the murders and the fear of ghosts.

Halloween is almost over while I’m writing this, so my last pick is…

The Boy Meets World Halloween Episodes


Now I want to talk about 4 BMW episodes here. And yes, only 2 of them are actually Halloween episodes. Boy Meets World had a lot of fun with their episodes. We got “Who’s Afraid of Cory Wolf?” from season 2 where Cory thinks he’s turning into a werewolf. The Witches of Pennbrook, where DJ Tanner is a witch and we get a cameo of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. And Then There Was Shawn, where the gang basically end up in Scream. And The Psychotic Episode, where Cory has nightmares of killing Shawn.

You see, Girl Meets World? That’s how you do Halloween episodes. Yeah, yeah, it’s on Disney Channel and for a slightly younger audience, BUT LOOK AT THIS!


Yeah, reruns of this episode aired on Disney Channel. GMW could never do that today.


Now here are a few favorites of some friends that I have not seen yet.

Halloween from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Halloween 2: Mind Over Body from Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place

Scary Godparents from The Fairly OddParents


So what are you watching or do doing for Halloween? Let me know. See ya.


2 thoughts on “Mogo’s Favorite Halloween TV Episodes

  1. Awesome choices! I cant believe i forgot that episode of BMW! It was shawn that was secretly killing everyone in his dream right. Because he was upset about cory and topanga breaking up.. And thanks so very much for including my pick as an honorable mention! Great article broski!

    Liked by 1 person

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