Mogo’s First Tournament!

So if you don’t follow me on Twitter, I’ve been apart of some comic book tournaments run by a buddy of mine (you can follow him at @SpeculatingNerd). And while I have enjoyed those tournaments, I’VE LOST EVERY ONE OF THEM IN THE FIRST DAMN ROUND!

So I’ve decided to do my own tournament. Yeah, that’s right, my own tournament! With blackjack! And hookers! (Warning: Tournament may not have blackjack or hookers)

Alright, so what will the subject of the tournament be? Well here it is!


That’s right. The underdogs. The forgotten Legends. Yeah, Superman, Captain America, Batman, they’re great and all, but everyone talks about them. I want to shine a light on the other guys. You know, like Moon Knight, Blue Beetle, The Question.

So, I’ll start things off with my entry (yes, I’m doing this too even though I know I’ll lose)…



So if you want to be part of this tournament, let me know on Twitter (@SocialMogo) with your character and a picture of that character, and hopefully there will be enough contestants to make this a proper tournament.


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