Welcome To The Mogo Dojo

Hey all, it is I, Mogo, the greatest Green Lantern (suck it, Hal). When I’m not fighting space crime and being the base for the Green Lantern Corps, I write reviews and posts about movie, comic books, and other nerdy stuff.

Before, I posted on Moviepilot and actually got some hits there (not often, but on a few articles). But since I haven’t been able to log in and post on the site on 3 different devices, I decided to finally create my own blog. While posting new articles, I will be posting all my old articles and reviews.

But before that, I’ll let you get to know a bit. I’m a big fan of movies, comic books, TV shows, and other nerdy stuff.

My favorite movie is Seven Psychopaths. 


My favorite comics and superheroes are:

Green Lantern


Blue Devil


And Ms. Marvel


I also collect Funko Pop! Figures and make my own custom Pop!s.


So yeah, hopefully I’ll be posting frequently and you’ll keep reading.


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